• Care & breeding of Australian Finches (Blewett / Kroyer-Pedersen) : This book is for the bird lover and the finch fancier.
  • A Guide to Australian Grassfinches – (Kingston): The popularity of Australian Grassfinches worldwide is largely due to the hardiness of these tiny, gregarious and colourful birds. The 18 members of the Australian Grassfinch Estrildid family are featured in detail. 160 colour photographs support the 80 pages of text and diagrams indicate visual differences. A must for every finch breeder’s library.
  • The New Finch Handbook by Christa Koepff: Barron’s Handbooks for bird owners and breeders are written, designed, and illustrated in much the same attractive fashion as Complete Pet Owner’s Manuals. However, most Handbooks are somewhat longer and more extensive in their coverage, the longest among them running to about 160 pages.
  • Australian Birdkeeper Magazine – Various Editions

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