Red eared Firetail Finch - Emblema Oculata

Red eared Firetail Finch – Emblema Oculata

Other Names: Red-eared Firetail

Size: 11cm

Habitat: In moist forest nea rivers and swamps near the coast.

Distribution: This species occurs in the forests and coastal thickets of south-western Western Australia.

Food: These finches never feed on the off the ground but do perch on a fallen twig or a low branch amongst bushes or shrubs. In captivity , pannicum, millet, canary seed and als green thislte heads are consumed.

Red eared Firetail Finch - Emblema Oculata

Red eared Firetail Finch – Emblema Oculata

Nesting: In their natural habitat they do not congregate in flocks, neither are the nests placed in colonies, yet some visiting between pairs has been seen in captivity. The nest of the Red-eared firetail are very well built. The nest is shaped like a horizontal bottle with the entrance tunnle being about 18cms long. The main chamber of the nest contains an inner chmaber of soft grass with thin walls and little or no roof and is lined with feather or plant down. outside of the breeding season the nest are unlined and do not consist of the long entrance tunnel. Only during the breeding season do they “upgrade” their nests to include the above mentioned features.

Breeding: Barerly bred in captivity, the average clutch size between 4-6 eggs. Two broods may be reared in one season. Both male and female shared daytime incubation whislt both roosted in the nest at night. Feeding duties are also shared.

Sexing: Except in the broding season. Male and female are quite similar however during breedig season, sexing is rather easy. The crimson patch behind the eye of the male becomes brighter, and that of the female becomes orange-scarlet.

Notes: In captivity these birds have been noted to take insects off from plants however did not touch termites supplied at any time.



After third egg has been laid

Average clutch:

4-6 Eggs

Days to hatch:

12-14 days from incubation

Fledge date:

Generally 21-24 days old

Wean date:


First molt:


Sexual maturity

Adult plumage indicates maturity however not to be bred as per all finches until they reach the age of 12 months.


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