Red Browed Finch - Aegitha temporalis

Red Browed Firetail – Neochmia temporalis

Other Names: Red-browed Finch, Temporal Finch, Red Head, Waxbill, Sydney Waxbill


Habitat: Found in the more wetter parts of Australia, the Red-browed finch tends to position itself amongst the protective vegetation. Mangrove belt’s and forest adjacent to open county; in scrubland and gardens near cities.

Distribution: Within about 300 km of the coasts of NSW, VIC, QLD, small parts of coastal Eastern SA

Red Browed Finch - Aegitha temporalis

Food: A dry seed mixture plus regular amounts of half ripe grass seeds. Feeding of Insects (mealworms / termites) when breeding is recommended. Soft fruits may also be given. NB: A high quality finch mix incorporating French and Japanese millet, canary seed, red and yellow panicum and niger is appropriate.

Nesting: The birds build a bulky, unattractive domed nest, usually close to the centre of the plant for additional protection. They are very timid birds when kept in an aviary and especially during the breeding season.

Breeding: The species normally lays between 4-5 white oval eggs however they can lay up to 8 eggs.  Both cock and hen (male and female) sexes incubate the eggs, relieving each other periodically throughout the day. They do rest in the nest together at night in the early stages.  Incubation lasts around 13 days but is varied depending on the climate. Both parents get involved in feeding the young insects and seed. The young fledge at about 2 weeks of age and are fully self sufficient two weeks thereafter.

Sexing: The red-browed Firetail is rather difficult to sex as there is no plummage difference between male and female

Notes: Can be known to be aggressive birds if kept in overstocked Aviary. Try to ensure plants are included in the aviary design to allow for refuge.



                     By both sexes

Average clutch:

                     5-8 Eggs

Days to hatch:

                   13-15 days from incubation

Fledge date:

                    Generally 24 days old

Wean date:


First molt:

                  Begins 4 weeks of age completing around 12 weeks.


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