Finch Essentials

Before you dive into and buy your finch your first pair of finches try and be prepared for their arrival.  Of course you want to ensure your birds are healthy and happy from the minute you released the into the cage so lets go through some of the basics and not so basics.

  • Species
  • Foods
  • Housing and Nesting
  • Health & Quarantine
  • Compatibility & Mixed pairs
  • Sexing
  • Purchase Price
  • Habitat
  • Transportation
  • Nutrition
  • Breeding

Health and Quarantine: Still to come

Compatibility & Mixed pairs: Still to come

Sexing: Covered individually under each Finch Variety
See the List of Finches available on

Purchase Price: A list of rough prices for Finches sold in Australian Market. Still to come

Habitat: Covered individually under each Finch Variety
See the List of Finches available on

Transportation: Still to come

Nutrition: Important Nutrition for you Finch. Still to come

Breeding: Covered individually under each Finch Variety
See the List of Finches available on


Species: provides a full comprehensive list of Australian Finches most commonly kept by hobbyists and aviculturists. There is also a segment on Foreign Finches also available in Australia so please do you research and study the species you wish to keep. See the List of Finches available on

Nest Types and Tips

 Housing and Nesting: Nesting material is very unique as the species you are keeping to do try and ensure you have done your research before adding the wrong materials to your aviary. I will run through the different types of nests and materials out there that are great for mixed aviaries Nests – Types and Tips

Feed, Seed, Greens and Livefood

Foods: Before purchasing your finches make sure the necessary foods relevant for the chosen species are available in your area. If they are to readily available see what options you have to place orders in advance and keep stock of daily consumptions. There are alternatives to Greens and Livefoods so ensure food ready to go. Read Seed, Greens and Livefood


If you are deciding to breed your finches it’s recommended you are well prepared before you start. However, If your birds are already in the nest and laying eggs then hopefully this page will assist you in making sure you have what you need and also be prepared for any unforeseen circumstances.The below are guidelines only and I do ask that you also research the breeding habits of your finch species. Breeding Finches

Finch Compatibility

I have offended wondered what birds work well and live peacefully together in an aviary. I think for any level of finch keeper, this bit of information should form part of the Finch Basics Manual. Without understanding the compatibility of your birds amongst others, you may be heading towards some serious problems. And by compatibility I also refer to other species besides the Australian Grass-finch. Compatibility


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