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This site was created to provide tools and tips for all Finch Keepers. Navigate your way through the various articles offering great insight into Australian Grass Finches.

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Food Facts

I have often wondered if my selection of seed mix is actually the right choice. Somehow I get the feeling there are cheaper less, wasteful options.

After a few interviews the results are in!

Seed, Feed and Livefood

Common finch diseases

Spotting a sick finch is most of the times an easy task, especially if you know sign to look for. Most sick finches will become very docile and not move at all, they will stay clear of other birds and their activities and almost lost total interest in their surroundings. Food intake will drop and the bird unless treated may not fully recover. Finch diseases

Finch Essentials

Next Boxes- Finch Nest

Before you dive into and buy your finch your first pair of finches try and be prepapred for their arrival. Of course you want to ensure your birds are healthy and happy from the minute you released the into the cage so lets go through some of the basics and not so basics. Read more…


Fostering Finches

Fostering is a term used whereby a pair of birds will care and rear young birds that are from a different pair or species.

These birds will accept the young and care for them until they are fully fledged.

Fostering is normally used when young are abandoned, lost or scared away from their natural parents or due to the unfortunate loss of one or both parents. Fostering


Zebra Finch

If you are deciding to breed your finches it recommended you get well prepared before you start.

If your birds are already in the nest and laying eggs then hopefully this page will assist you in making sure you have what you need and also be prepared for any unforeseen circumstances.

The below are guidelines only and I do ask that you also  research the breeding habits of your finch species. Breeding..

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