Crimson Finch - Neochmia Phaeton

Crimson Finch – Neochmia Phaeton

Other Names: Australian Firefinch, Crimson,  White-bellie crimson finch, Pale crimson finch, Pheasant-tailed finch

Size: 12cm

Habitat: Rivers and swamps, grassy plains.

Distribution: Derby in Western Australia, Queensland from Rockhampton to Cooktown. The tip of Cape York and southern New Guinea.

Food: In their natural habitat, the Crimson finch feeds on half-rpe grass seeds and insects. The do not feed on the ground. In the aviary they will take standard finch mix (Mixed millets and canary seed) Additional seeds include Milkthistle, chickweed and summer grass. Insects and live-foods are also important during the breeding season.

Crimson Finch - Neochmia Phaeton

Crimson Finch – Neochmia Phaeton

Nesting: Natural nest construction takes place on a base of pandanus leaves however in an aviary they will breed in a nest box however still prefer making their own nests. If fairly large planted aviary with sufficient nesting materials (Coarse and fine grass,bark leaves and feathers) is available they will take to their natural style of nesting. The nest is usually bulk, long and flat. No entrance tunnel is present . The male will gather the materials whilst the female preps and weaves the nest.

Breeding: Clutch sizes range between 5-8 eggs. Both the male and female with share incubation resaponsabilties. The female will only brood at night. Once hatched the young will be covered for about 5 days thereafter daytime brooding stops leading into nighyl brooding. This will continue unitl they are 9 days old The young will remain in the nest until they are 3 weeks of age. The males are known ton be aggressive so caution must be taken once the young are able to tend for themselves. It is recommend they be removed from this point onwards.

Sexing: Female colouring is duller to that of the male. The male is mainly olive brown


By both sexes

Average clutch:

5-8 Eggs

Days to hatch:


Fledge date:

Generally 20-21 days old

Wean date:


First molt:


Sexual maturity

Adult plumage indicates maturity however not to be bred as per all finches until they reach the age of 12 months.



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