Finch Breeder Database - FREE

What a great find. I came across this website in my searches for a reliable bird record database. To be honest it was a bit of a far cry as I only expected to find template for PDF documents or word. Little did i know that this was waiting for me...

Finch breeder database is completely free and extremely easy to use. It covers mostly every type of finch commonly bred in domestic Aviaries. 

once signed in you will be presented with your front page or profile. there the following options are made available to you;

My Birds - The Main section where you are able to access all your birds
All Species - The developer has done a great job in covering mostly all the necessary finch species. If you bird is not present you can request for it to be added in the forum section.
My Cages - Create your cages, aviary , flight cages etc. Once created you can allocate your birds.
My Pairs and Clutches - This section is great. It where you are able to manage your pairs, their clutches and create records for new birds.
My Events - I haven't looked to much into this section however it seems to allow you to record any special events that occur. Things such as treatments, behavioural issues, weather etc. 
My Log book - Another record keeping section
My Photos - Upload you pics of your favourite birds, family members, dog...
My Contacts - List your contracts, Bird breeders etc.
Statistic - Charts for your birds
Calendar - A summary of events displayed in calendar format. Greta for a quick overview.



Founds eggs in the nest? is currently run and managed in my spare time and does come with monthly expenses. Of course it would be great to one day sell products through but for now we need to survive. If you like what you have seen and wish to help us keep it going please do so by sending some spare change our way.

Must Have Bird Books

I have included a list of Bird Books, particularly focused on finches that I find are a wealth of knowledge. 
As most of the are provided by ABK books i have provided a link that should take you through to their procurement page.



Finch Rings

Understand finch rings and what best works for you and your bird.
A detailed page on what sizes and types are relevant for your finch.