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Kingdom - Animalia
Phylum - Chordata
Class - Aves
Order - Passeriformes
Family - Estrildidae
Genus - Erythrura


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Blue-faced Parrot Finch - Erythrura trichroa

Other Names: Blue-faced Finch, Green-backed Finch, Blue-headed Parrot Finch

Size: 11-12cm

Habitat: Lowlands to heights of ranges in grassy clearings and lush vegetation of rainforest margins. (Rainforest's, grasslands and cultivation's)

Distribution: North east Australia (Eastern part of Cape York Peninsula) The birds also inhabit the Indo-pacific region (New Guinea, Moluccan Islands, etc)

Food: The blue-faced finch will adapt well to captivity and dietary needs will be similar to most finches including a good finch mix, live food and greens. 

Nesting: With adequate cover the pair will share nest building responsibilities. The nest is usually a pear-shaped structure that includes an entrance tunnel. The nest is lined with a mixture of coarse and in grass. They will accept a nesting box. 

Breeding: A clutch size normally consists of 3-6 eggs. Both parents will share the incubation responsibilities. Young fledge after about 22 days. Best results are shown when breeding in a large planted aviary. These birds have a good tolerance towards other finches so they will go well in a mixed aviary or colony. Try to limit the type parrot finches in one aviary as they will mix and create hybrids. The blue-face is one of the easier parrot finches species to breed. 

Egg incubation: Incubation of eggs is carried out by the hen

Sexing: The female is similar to the male however all colours are duller.

Colour Mutations: Pied Blue-faced parrot Finch (large splashed of white or yellow throughout plumage) 
Lutino Blue-faced parrot Finch (Green is replaced by yellow with the blue colour face being replaced by white.)
Grizzle Pied (feathers are partly normal and partly yellow)





Average clutch:

3-6 Eggs

Days to hatch:

12-14 days from incubation

Fledge date:

Generally 21-22 days old

Wean date:

5-6 weeks

First molt:

2 months

Sexual maturity

Adult plumage indicates maturity however not to be bred as per all finches until they reach the age of 9 months

Status in wild:



7-8 years